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increase in engagement


increase in views


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Chris has an offshore recruitment agency in Australia that’s been running for 14 years connecting 1000’s of businesses with offshore talent.

Since working with us he has successfully launched his incredible autobiography & expanded into the USA.

Why Chris Came To Us:

Chris, CEO of RemoteStaff knew he needed serious LinkedIn clout.

Truth be told, he’d been chasing it for years. He’d worked with multiple other agencies who had failed him – abysmally. Which is appaling, because Chris is very MARKETABLE!

Chris is a confident guy. He follows his instincts and always keeps going.

He knew he had a story to tell. He knew it would go viral – in the right hands.

And he was right.

The Results We Achieved:

We knew we had the content strategy and positioning right when Chris went viral off his 1st post with 250 000 views and it didn’t stop there! Soon after he got 395 300 views and within 12 months he was over 1,000 000 VIEWS. 

The attention has brought many inbound leads though Chris himself says more importantly the credibility and trust from our thought leadership content on LinkedIn resulted in much higher conversions for his google ads. And that’s the true power of Personal brand!


In 12 months


In 12 months


In 12 months

Before and After LinkedIn Results

Would you like THIS kind of traction? ☝️

How We Did It:

1. We First Revamped His Brand With A Photo & Video shoot

We conducted a photo shoot to collect photos 

We redesigned his top banner.

Re-wrote his tag line and about me section for immediate credibility with potential clients & also Filipino talent.

Implemented a new profile video – a new feature!

2. Created Standout Content

We then used hyper-personal LinkedIn stories to share his inspiring story.

Mixing in text posts, videos, Carousels to showcase his expertise and value proposition for outsourcing to the Philippines.

3. We Ran LinkedIn Paid Ads

We researched his competitors & customers intimately.

We then come up with a LinkedIn ad strategy which was customised for his business and prospective buyers. 

Our creative team then executed on the ad strategy, crafting enticing messaging & creative media which grabbed attention & converted into sales.

We continually improved ad strategy to reduce costs & improve ROI.

What Chris Thinks About Us

“Compared to any other Linkedin supplier we have ever worked with, you’re the best by far.

I 💚 working with you.”

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