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Our signature process doesn’t just elevate your profile; it powerfully amplifies your voice to build a captivated audience and open doors to brilliant business opportunities. 

I establish you as a leader in your industry. 

With authentic representation and tactical content, we turn your LinkedIn into a mega-generator of engagement, trust, and opportunity

With ‘Mel Francis’, you’ll not just join the conversation; you’ll lead it. 

15-minute Session

INTRODUCING: My 4-Step System To Get You To The Next-Level

Step 1:

We Create Your Brand Book.

First, we get you into a photoshoot so we can have some great story telling images. Then we move right ahead and set up your brand colours and typography (which is different from your company colours).  This will ensure when we hit social media, we have a particular look and feel.

Step 2:

We Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Conversation Generator

Your LinkedIn or Instagram profile is an opportunity to capture attention and get seen. Don’t waste it!

It’s your personal brand, your digital first impression, and the door to success.

With over 760 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the go-to platform for recruiters, employers and industry leaders.

And this is where you can stand out from the crowd.

This is the vital foundation piece of the process.

Our expert team will transform your LinkedIn & instagram profile into a powerful tool that attracts attention, drives connections, and creates incredible opportunities. 

Note: the profile revamp requires a photoshoot for the complete transformation.

15-minute Session

Step 3:

We Create Monthly Content for Ongoing Authority Building That Takes You From ‘Meh’ To Outstanding.

After the profile revamp, we kick off the monthly content creation process.

You need to be available for a monthly 1-hour interview to share your ‘thoughts’ so we can build thought leader content that oozes your style and showcases your expertise. Think of it like a podcast interview. Check out my episode with Richard van der Blom for great tips that we execute for you. And for what it’ll feel like to be in your monthly hot seat. We’ll get you in the limelight and your brand is going to shine.

From this, we create 4 – 12  multi-format posts that suit your brand and the LinkedIn algorithm. Whatever we use, we’ll make you outstanding. And don’t worry, if you’re not a natural on camera and wish you were, we’ll coach you to be your best.

We distribute your posts at the best time for attention, commenting before and engaging after for maximum reach and impact.

Sit back and watch our attraction marketing work for you.

LinkedIn expert Richard Moore recommends the growth strategy that we execute for you.

Step 4:

We Build a Network Building Engagement Strategy to Monetise Your Brand

Once you’ve got you’re profile revamped, its vital you’re profile connects to other profiles who you want to get noticed by.

You need a strong and consistent connection strategy that gets you seen by the right people. 

That’s the only way people will notice you, and see what you have got to say.

We will set up a connection strategy which will have you networking with other influencers in your niche.

What Success Feels Like

Compared to any other Linkedin supplier we have ever worked with, Mellonie Francis is the best by far.
CEO, Remote Staff
Chris Jankulovski
When you work with Mel and her team you get a complete solution - from branding to content and growth strategies and I am loving the impact it is having and the results I am getting.
Entrepreneur and Executive Coach,
Tracy Clark
Working with Mellonie Francis has generated more brand visibility than we ever expected. Mellonie’s team helped us author compelling posts that achieved 8K+ view rates. Most importantly, when we go out to talk to prospects, we feel more confident.
Director & CTO, Meaningware
Licheng Zeng

You Already Have The Authority. We’ll Leverage That To Grow Your Business

No more spending countless hours trying to figure out LinkedIn Profile by yourself. No more wasting money on agencies that are all talk and no substance. 

Let our proven LinkedIn profile revamp service do all the hard work and for you.

30-minute Consultation

Success Could Look Really Good On You Too... Ready?

Imagine this...

 No more wasting money on agencies that are all talk and no substance.

We transform your profile, elevate your brand, leverage your expertise and manage leads, so you get back countless hours spent online. 

Instead, you can focus your energy on closing deals and business building.

Want To Talk?

From The Desk Of Mellonie Francis

Hey there,

I’m Mel. 

After conquering the ANZ corporate jungle, I quit my job and set out on my own journey.

As I got deeper into the entrepreneurship world, I saw businesses failing because crappy agencies couldn’t do their job right.

So I took matters into my own hands.

I developed my own system to establish my presence in the online business world.

And that’s how Are You B2B was born!

I grew my brand from 0 to 7-figures in just under two years.

And now I’m on a mission to share 1 million founder stories with the world & guide them towards bigger success.

I’ve seen companies land $10 million+ in partnerships due to the founders sharing authentically. 
I’ve seen companies attract top talent into their business because they were inspired by the founder stories.

Because people buy from authentic people.

I genuinely love to see my clients transform and gain more trust & authority from their market.

Nothing makes me more proud than seeing you – my clients, feel more confident, landing bigger deals and converting more frequently. 

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