Madalena Won Contracts With Foxtel And Mercedes Benz Through Her Personal Brand

Why Madalena Came To Us:

Madalena, CEO of Happiness Business School came to us with a clear goal:

More inbound leads.

As a busy founder, Madalena didn’t have the  bandwidth to be her own Head of Sales.

And she knew: With the right messaging, the BIGGER sales would soon come to her!

We worked closely with Madalena, carefully nurturing her greatest asset: 

Her Personal Brand!

Solution: Linkedin Secret System

Madalena’s ICP are HR managers, working for organisations with at least 50 employees.

Madalena has developed a deep understanding of her market. She understands their pain-points and has a revolutionary solution.

All she needed was a platform to connect one with the other.  

After setting up a connection campaign:

4000 new HR managers connected with her- in just in 6 months!

Madalena's Honest, Authentic Posts ROUTINELY Blew Up!

Why Are CEOs Like Madalena Signing Up To Us? Because We Save You Time & Drive Sales With A Secret System.

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Results 🏆

Investing in Madalena’s  founder-brand earned Happiness Business School the credibility it needed.

In just 3 months:

She landed partnerships with Mercedes Benz, Foxtel and Zurich Insurance. 

In fact, her Linkedin account became a financial asset: Generating $25,000 of revenue per post! 

After being invited to speak at events, Madalena started attracting talent and enrollments beyond all expectations.

Madalena’s investment in herself paid huge dividends!

Here's What Madalena Thinks About Her Partnership With Are You B2B 👇

Mel & her team are next level when it comes to content, strategy and personal brand.

Go with Mel & Team at Are You B2B – they won’t disappoint.

-Madalena Carey

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