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Subject: Save money with 3D printing

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I have decided to do this email thing.

Not sure how it will go but, I hope it adds value.

Here goes nothing.

So if you’re like most businesses right now, you probably have supply-chain headaches:

Inventory or parts on back-order – unlikely to even be assembled within the next six months.

Let alone delivered.

That’s where the 3D printing revolution might be a boon for your business.

As we all know:

3D printing is already mainstream in heavy industry:

It’s permanently disrupted manufacturing for industries like jewelry and auto parts.

3D printing has evolved so rapidly – even high schools are now investing in 3D print capabilities to ready the next generation for the future of manufacturing.

And like the computing and media production domains before it – access to 3D print technology has quickly become democratised.

It’s quickly become available to practically every business, thanks to a massive downward shift in both unit economics and machine size.

In fact:

If you produce or sell anything physical, you’re almost at a competitive disadvantage for NOT having a 3D printing solution.

Granted, if you’re a purely cloud-based, digital business, you probably won’t need one – YET!

So how can you use 3D printing today?

Most businesses use it for replacement parts. 

In the traditional print industry, we have many clients who use 3D printers to manufacture their own replacement parts, in order to circumvent supply chain delays and lower their marginal costs.

This trend has spread through many other industries, where uninterrupted access to machinery is essential.

In other verticals, it’s used to customise and prefabricate bespoke physical items for end users.

You might have even seen 3D print on The Block!

With 3D print, you can rapidly prototype your new product lines – truncating a previously expensive and risky process, which used to take months.

And wouldn’t it be nice to create prototypes on-site, instead of having to trust an overseas manufacturer?

Right through the innovation cycle, 3D printing offers much more creative freedom and flexibility.

The other big advantage is for businesses who need to provide customisations at low cost.

With the setup cost now drastically lower, you can extend all your lines as much as you (or your customers) want.

And here’s the best news:

3D printing is now available on the same flexible terms as all your OTHER print solutions.

Have questions about 3D printing and whether it could work for your business? Just hit reply to this email with your question & I’ll get back to you.

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