Episode 29: 1 hour = 20 pieces of content

Too busy for #content #marketing?

Do it in JUST 1 HOUR! 👇

It’s true:

You can produce 20+ high-quality #LinkedIn pieces in LESS THAN an HOUR!

That means:

You can post high-impact stuff DAILY – in just an hour a week.

But first – you’ll need 2 VITAL ingredients:

  1. A great team
  2. A strong process

On Aha Moments with @Mel Francis # 4, I give you a framework for building both.

It’s easier than you think – and less expensive.

It’ll take a couple of months to build to that, so in the meantime:

I’ve also shared my 2 best POSTING tips, to help you 3x your views quickly!

What you’ll learn on this episode:

Does great content cost a lot? (00:48 – 3:00)

How to produce 20 pieces daily (03:20 – 4:28)

How to build a bulletproof content process (5:15 – 7:00)

When you should post and how often (8:50 – 11:02)

Should you chase likes, comments or both? (11:05 – 13:01)

Want it all done for you? ☎️ bit.ly/helpmewithmycontent 👈 Results guaranteed!

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