Episode 20: $6mil Raised Using LinkedIn with Havard Lillebo

Is fundraising on your agenda? What about building a high-powered Linkedin tribe?

Then you’ll want to make time for this episode of Innovative Minds with Mel Francis:

We speak to serial entrepreneur and mega-fundraiser, Havard Lillebo.

Havard has raised 140 million Euros for startups. And like many of his peers, he now does 95% of his fundraising on Linkedin!

Havard believes in the power of Linkedin as much as we do: He posts daily – and invests hours every week into producing viral thought-leadership content.

A self-professed “math nerd”, Havard has carved out a niche in the venture capital world as the champion of AI/ML, robotics and deep-math solutions empowering humanity.

More than just BEING a tech founder, Havard is a also staunch ADVOCATE for them. His popular

#FoundersSunday group is one of his many “pay-it-forward” investments.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Why should you use LinkedIn for fundraising? [1:29]

How to create an investor following that actually invests! [6:51]

The RIGHT way to think about RoI [11:02]

Reach your goals with laser-focused IPCs! [14:36]

Want to achieve inner Calm? is it the ideal founder mindset? [31:53]

What you need to understand about the VC business [21:43]

You need to spend over 2hrs per day on LinkedIn! [47:53]

Why you should be optimistic about robotics [49:45]

How to ride the NEXT Nanotech wave [54:30]

How to develop time-management superpowers [58:31]

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