Episode 22: Crush it with Video Marketing with Cliff Coelho

Want better VIDEO content? 🎬

This week’s INNOVATIVE MINDS has you covered 👍🏽

This week I caught up with Cliff Coelho from storydriven.video

Cliff is a video marketing genius – whose video #content is positioned to get SALES!

I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different #video formats lately. So when Cliff accepted my invitation to join the podcast, I jumped at the chance to accelerate my own learning-curve.

Cliff and I shared tips on video strategy, video production, targeting, scripting, stock footage or no stock footage and so many other key ingredients of good #video #marketing.

It was a great cross-polination of ideas – and if you’re trying to reach that next level of video content yourself, you’ll probably get there much faster after listening to this chat!

Here’s what we dove into:

Is it messaging or creative style that gets VIDEO views? [6:37]

How to repurpose video content to text [11:16]

How to optimise production value for Linkedin [19:26]

How to turn video content into a ever-green sales funnel [25:29]

How to use video in your sales ad funnel [26:17]

Writing effective copy for video [30:42]

How to use your face to gain more video views [39:37]

Video doesn’t need complicated equipment [46:05]

Optimal video ad-length [52:05]

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