Episode 3: Demand Gen & Dark Social with Chris Walker

In this very special episode, I spoke with Chris Walker.

Chris is the CEO of Refine Labs. He’s the high-priest of Dark Social and Demand Generation. 🪄 And the host of the popular State of Demand Gen podcast.

Chris has built a cult following of successful marketers. They hang on his every word – and so should YOU!

(But only if you want results).

Chris’ content is rich in B2B marketing strategy, execution, operational insights. 🧠

On this week’s Innovative Minds with Mel Francis, you’ll get to meet Chris, understand his methodology – and hear him answer the questions all of us want answered.

It’s an honour to speak with Chris. We KNOW this episode will be a wake-up call for you – just as it was for us!

Chris and I finally answer these questions:

– How to build a rock-solid community – in just 5 hours a week [6:57]

– How to get ahead of LinkedIn – and stay there! [17:09]

– Why CMO’s need to think longer-term [32:58]

– How to get GOOD social media data [46:24]

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