Episode 18: Must Hear LinkedIn Strategies with Andy Foote

This week’s episode was a real adrenaline rush – I caught up with Linkedin LEGEND Andy Foote!

If you know what Andy charges, you’ll cash in by listening!! 🤑🤑🤑

Now, I’ve been doing this Linkedin thing for a while. So I know who’s who in the Linkedin zoo. Suffice to say: Andy’s pretty high on the food chain! 

My staff didn’t think he’d accept our invitation. But you know me: I’m PERSISTENT!

So when I realised Andy and I shared a connection to Richard Van Der Blom, I thought “This could actually happen!”

Sure enough: I got him for an hour – and I feel richer already 💰

(The power of Linkedin, amirite?)

OK – enough fangirling! I think we’ve established that when Andy speaks, intelligent marketers listen!

Here’s what we chatted about:

The content-development and creative process [2:19]

The best tools to use as a content creator [4:59]

Why Andy uses empty pages! [8:14]

Avoiding Linkedin FOMO [12:47]

What is engagement, really? And what metrics are most important? [18:41]

How to be proactive with your content [21:45]

Should CEO’s build a personal brand? [27:44]

What’s the ‘990 rule’? [35:17]

Whether to use Pods [41:08]

Why doesn’t Linkedin boost shared posts? [46:41]

What can TikTok add to your content marketing? [52:02]

You’ll enjoy listening to my new (and expensive) friend, Andy. Especially if you’re here to make money! 


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