Episode 23: GOOGLE ADs vs LINKEDIN 🥊

This week’s episode of Innovative Minds with Mel Francis is a bit different:

No guest, just me 🥰

We’ve been running a lot of @Google ads this week – and we’ve gathered some really HOT insights to power-up your #digitalmarketing.

This weeks podcast goal is 100% about sharing those lessons with you PLUS some more HOT insights.

I dive into the stats around paid vs organic #content – focusing on the comparative sales-velocity of #Google vs @Linkedin.

If you’re weighing up which platform to use in your #marketing, you’ll find this 26-minute episode SUPER valuable!

Here’s what I cover:

Does Google bring in better leads than LinkedIn? [2:17]

The conversion journey from Linkedin content is different [5:30]

Why Gary Vee focuses on personal brand not company brand [8:32]

Can paid traffic ever engage the way organic does? [10:27]

Why are the leading influencers playing brand? [12:00]

How we pick our podcast guests – and what it says about branding [15:02]

What Hubspot recommends for driving inbound leads [18:37]

Why you should create content based on customer-conversations [21:21]

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