Episode 27: How to get MORE views on LinkedIn

On this episode of Aha Moments with Mel, I answer the number 1 question we get asked:

How do I get more views on LinkedIn??

There are a few things you can do, right now, to 3x your views.

And if you play the long game, you can use these tips to 10x your views (or more)!

I share tips on creating catchy content, building a support community, and using content partnerships effectively.

You’ll learn how to use LinkedIn’s features to your advantage and how to create content that will get people talking.

Plus, I’ve started a special group for LinkedIn users who want to connect and collaborate.

So be sure to join us!


How to create catchy content [1:57 – 4:43]

Why you should use iconic images in content [05:10 – 06:00]

Why community on LinkedIn is important for content views [06:02 – 10:00]

Why content partnerships WORK [10:07 – 11:50]

How to never make another sales call! [13:04 – 15:40]

You should join our LinkedIn secret community! [15:49 – 19:49]

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