Episode 25: How To Go Viral On LinkedIn

“Will I go viral?” 🦠

When someone thinks about #content #marketing, that’s generally their first question.

And fair enough! That’s the image of #contentmarketing we’ve all been sold!

So Mel’s Aha Moment #2 is all about the v-word: VIRALITY.

We analyse 3 posts which (unexpectedly) went #viral for us in the same week.

Was there an x-factor all of them shared?

Can you even predict virality at all? Or is it a fluke? 🎲

Maybe the mysterious “Thursday phenomenon” was in play! 🎃

Whatever it was:

Virality ISN’T really the point!

Virality is just a sign you’re doing everything else right.

Learn how to think of virality more constructively – and what to do when it happens!

Experience Aha! moments like:

[00:59] How to pick a viral theme

[04:21] How to make thought-leadership viral

[05:24] What to do instead of chasing virality

[07:05] How to glow up your content regularly

[09:02] Where to focus instead of views

[11:17] How to build a supportive “tribe”

[14:08] Should you leverage the #ThursdayPhenomenon?

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