Episode 33: I Don't Have Time

I’ve proven it, over and over again:

Personal branding does NOT take a lot of time.

And considering the modest cost, it’s MASSIVELY profitable.

Yet, CEOs are STILL sitting on the fence:

Telling me, over and over again:

❌ “I don’t have time”

❌ “I’m waiting on funding” 



That passive mentality is a road to NOWHERE!

In this episode, I show you how iconic, successful brands achieved that success – by making SMART investments, at the RIGHT TIME!

So no more excuses! Get you the success you deserve in 2023!


Why you need to MAKE time for content! (01:39 – 2:26)

Why you can’t afford to wait for funding (02:28 – 04:06)

How to multiply AND speed up your success (04:06 – 07:46)

Why you must STOP obsessing over lead generation (07:47 – 11:00)

How to 7x your conversions (11:28 – 12:56)

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