Episode 7: Impact of AI on Marketing with David Cyrus

In this fascinating podcast episode, I talk with David Cyrus, head of marketing at Faethm by Pearson. Faethm is the only SaaS platform trained on billions of data points to make AI-powered job predictions of the future.

So of course David & I discuss how marketing jobs will be impacted by artificial intelligence in the future.

But we also went into David’s journey, how he came in as a first marketing hire, and had to build a team quickly from ground up. He shares what he would’ve done differently, his wins and what he has learnt.

Summary of the best parts:

His thoughts on the current marketing landscape [29:19]
Why David chose LinkedIn as a marketing strategy [16:26]
How CMOs KPIs should be set [23:06]
Will Google penalise people for using AI [48:02]
Will AI takeaway jobs from copywriters [49:46]
Will Video editing be impacted by AI [55:54]
Is Tik Tok a serious contender for marketing [60:02]

I loved how authentically and transparently David shared his journey, and I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

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