Episode 24: Landing Pages That Land with Steven Lewis

Got a SH1T landing-page? Yeah, same here.

It’s not our fault: We just got SH1T ADVICE 👇🏽

This week on Innovative Minds with Mel Frances, I speak to @Steven Lewis, Director of Copywriting at @Taleist Agency.

Steven “writes copy that makes your phone ring” (his tagline).

He’s completely flipped the script on everything we’ve been told about #landingpages.

He describes a landing page as basically a digital Gruen transfer:

It’s NOT there to sell anything. Ignore the flowers, look past the friendly greeter.

Its ONLY job is to make your cold prospects feeling comfortable enough to enter your shop, free of any resistance to buying.

It’s all about disrupting the human need to protect the status quo – and turning cold traffic into hot traffic (FAST!)

Like a #marketing microwave!

After all the cold (but expensive) ad traffic I FAILED to convert in the past – this is EXACTLY what I needed!

Take my advice as someone with sh1t landing pages until this NOW: This episode WILL increase your landing-page conversions!

Here’s what we (somehow) covered in 80 minutes:

Why you need a great landing page [1:54]

The ORDER of your Landing Page MATTERS [4:25]

How to nail your landing page’s “offer” [27:59]

Is a “free strategy session”? a good offer [38:34]

Key tips for writing effective copy [33:34]

How to optimise email copy [49:14]

Why PERSONAL & Authenticity wins [52:24]

“Imagine they’re your friends” when you’re writing [1:02:49]

“Feedback” from ANYONE besides your customer is NOISE [1:10:58]

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