Episode 16: Learning from the Startup Guru with David Kenney

This interview was very important and special to me.

I had the privilege to have my friend, mentor, advisor, and someone that I’ve gotten to know very well over the years, David Kenney, to share his invaluable insights on business & start-ups.

David is respected as one of Australia’s most reputable and capable strategic business advisors! He is also known as a highly regarded mentor within the start-up ecosystem, for his ability to provide advice on all things business, and finance because he’s done this for so many years!

You really don’t want to miss out on learning from one of the best.

Here are the tough questions I had to ask David:

  • What should be the priority for founders with allocating funding & resources? [3:54]
  • What should CEOs be thinking about after first round funding? [14:31]
  • What are options & how do they work? [23:17]
  • Should you hire advisors or teach yourself? [32:58]
  • What are the ingredients in becoming a unicorn? [37:25]
  • Why David is so passionate about the startup ecosystem? [48:41]

This conversation filled me with so many educational insights and new inspirations that I’m sure that you will gain something from it as well!


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