Episode 30: LinkedIn Social Selling with Laura Erdem

Linkedin Marketing is tricky: 

Implementation is delicate. Execution is complex. 

And measurement is 😵‍

Multichannel adds a whole new dimension of tricky, delicate and 😵‍.

Our guest on Innovative Minds this week, @Laura Erdem is Accounts Executive at @DreamData – a revenue attribution solution for multichannel B2B marketing.

She also utilises a highly effective LinkedIn social selling system which I believe is the future of both sales AND marketing on Linkedin.

Her Linkedin content is punchy, positive and high-energy: Just like she is!

Here’s what we discussed:

What is this social selling?

How to use social selling CORRECTLY on Linkedin (05:19 – 08:26)

Why you should be cautious about Linkedin data (08:45 – 11:28)

How to get results from Linkedin Live events (11:29 – 17:09)

How to leverage content marketing for sales (21:00 – 25:07)

How to double your connections in 12 months! (27:04 – 29:54)

How do you create strong content hooks?

How to produce LOTS of content as a salesperson?

What you need to know about multi-channel attribution (31:58 – 41:15)

Should you be using Google Analytics or is it dead? (42:17 – 46:08)

How Laura creates content FAST? (46:29 – 48:37)

How to convert more traffic with “teach, tailor, take control” (49:03 – 51:42)

Which channels should you use? (51:43 – 53:02)

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