Episode 15: Media Is Changing Forever with Paul O'Brien

I had the absolute pleasure of talking with the CEO of MediaTech Ventures, Paul O’Brien and oh boy this conversation was an absolute gem!

Paul didn’t just just answer with his own views, he made me question my own understanding of social, videos, advertising and how everything is evolving.

If you’ve never heard of MediaTech Ventures, they work at the heart of the entire media industry!

I just couldn’t wait to talk with Paul about what’s happening in the media world and how rapidly it’s changing.

And discuss we did!

We talked about everything to do with:

  • What is MediaTech? [0:56]
  • How much has media changed? [4:30]
  • The current state of media censorship [8:51]
  • Is everything on the internet social? [18:59]
  • The future of social in 5 years [29:50]
  • Is video still going to be the next big thing? [36:30]
  • Do ads wreck social platforms? [50:53]
  • How start-ups can prepare for future social [1:00:22]

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