Episode 4: CEO Story: Mindset, Attitude & Defying Death with Chris Jankulovski

In this episode I interview a friend, client and inspiration – Chris Jankulovski, the CEO of RemoteStaff.

He’s lucky to have lived long enough to tell his story,

Chris’ life was turned upside down at 19 on learning he’d inherited Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome – a rare genetic condition where tumors and cysts grow in different parts of the body.

He was told he’d only live to 30. He defied the odds and is still going stronger than ever at 49.

With his new lease on life, Chris runs a successful outsourcing business – Remote Staff – which enables you to hire top talented Filipino staff for startups and enterprises to accelerate business growth.

They’ve created meaningful work opportunities for 8,000+ Filipino remote workers working across 3,000 companies.

He and his team embody the spirit of making everyday count!

Chris has defied the odds and is now living the dream. With a successful business, a beautiful home in France that he shares with his wonderful wife and son.

Here, I ask Chris all about:

  • His mindset
  • A great attitude for life
  • Spirituality
  • What is it that it took him this far?
  • What he learnt on his journey from being told he won’t live long to now becoming a multi-millionaire

Chris’ inspirational story will give you perspective on life. Learn how he found the hope, courage and stamina to keep going and build an empire. And you can too!

No matter what life throws at you.

Just keep going.

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