Episode 31: Are you ready for LinkedIn ads?

Most people fail with LinkedIn ads.

If you want to be successful with LinkedIn ads, you need to make sure all the pieces are in place before you start running them.

In this week’s Aha Moment I walk you through everything you need to get right BEFORE placing an ad:

First also need to understand the buyer’s physiology.

They hook them in with content

That content must be enticing.

And most importantly:

You need to set a budget which adequately covers your total addressable market (TAM).

Look, I get it – waiting for conversions to build up can be frustrating.

It can be tempting to run ads prematurely, hoping to generate instant demand.

But if you take the time to get everything set up first, your ads will be much more successful.

Here are the steps I cover:

Why you shouldn’t jump straight in (00:47 – 03:06)

How to think about customer journeys (03:07 – 06:02)

Where you should direct different types of prospects (06:03 – 09:09)

How to increase ad effectiveness with content (09:10 – 12:00)

Why you need a content production process (12:14 – 15:09)

How to map your content process (15:29 – 16:21)

The RIGHT way to set an ad budget (16:22 – 20:10)

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