Episode 26: Overcome FEAR with Mark Mathews

TOP SKILL NEEDED for big-wave surfing? 🏄🌊


On this week’s episode, I had the pleasure of meeting a legendary big-wave surfer – and an iconic motivational speaker – @Mark Mathews.

Mark always wanted to be a competitive surfer, but couldn’t quite get there. It’s not that he wasn’t good – just that SO few are chosen.

Just as he was about to quit professional surfing and learn a trade, the industry offered Mark a Faustian bargain:

He could finally have the life he wanted – but only if he surfed a Tasmanian break so dangerous, literally every other pro in the country had refused to do it.

He overcame his FEAT – and became an icon.

But now, after decades of chasing 50-foot waves, Mark’s found something incredibly powerful within himself that he learnt during his surfing career, that he’s determined to share with the world.

How to OVERCOME fear.

And that outlier wisdom is the focus of the keynote speeches he now delivers to packed rooms – And I warn you: It’s POWERFUL!

If fear is holding you back from getting to the next level in your business or in your personal life – you NEED to hear this chat with Mark 🤙

Here’s what we got into:

How to catch a break! [02:51]

How to MASTER your fears and desires [09:23]

Are you motivated by fear? That’s OK! [17:54]

How to use fear in business [22:43]

Align your physical state with what you want [32:14]

And I also give Mark some of my thoughts on:

What you should learn from the analog marketing era [38:26]

How to crush it on Linkedin [43:14]

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