Episode 19: Personal Branding with Belinda Agnew

On this episode of innovative minds, we speak to Belinda Agnew, CEO of X:Enabler (among other roles). 

Belinda is a multi-brand CEO – bringing tech unicorns to life through 8 different verticals. 

She’s expert in everything tech startups need on the runway to success – from branding to recruitment to advisory. 

She has an impressive number of startups under her belt, a knack for authentic personal branding and a massive social media following. 

Belinda has achieved up to 2 million views per post! Belinda loves Linkedin as much as we do, maybe more. 

And she has red hot tips to share!

Here’s some of what Belinda and I got into:

How to create dynamite personal branding [6:45]

Why you should reinvent your marketing NOW! [9:30]

DO the 30-day Linkedin challenge! [13:15]

How to find with viral content ideas [16:09]

How to turn your creative process into a product [18:51]

Why you should be repurposing old posts [25:00]

How to get the best engagement on socials [30:14]

How to pick the right format for Linkedin content [33:10]

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