Episode 1: Podcast Marketing Strategy with Tommy Jackett

*** Scroll down for the Podcast Equipment list  ***

In our very first episode, we’re going to take a dive into the brain of podcasting expert, Tommy Jackett, an authority on videos, podcasts, and content production for over 10 years.

He’s the inspiration for starting my own journey into podcasting and understanding its impact on growth.

Podcasts give you the ability to conveniently connect with audiences, educate yourself more about your target audience, stand out from your competition, convert potential customers, and build trust. Not to mention, their listenership is only increasing.

Since we’re currently experiencing a listening boom with no indication of it slowing down, it’s necessary for brands to understand how they can use podcasts as part of their content marketing strategy.

So tune in, and find out why podcast should be part of your marketing strategy.

Here is a list of the (recommended) podcast equipment Mellonie and Tommy Jackett are using:

1. Headphones:

Audio-Technica M50X Premium Studio Monitoring Headphones - Black - ATH-M50X


You can really go for what looks best here. I’d stay away from bluetooth headphones and headphones that have a mic in them. 

Buy Online at Centrecom Here

2. MIC

Used by Mel Francis

Audio-Technica ATR2100XUSB XLR/USB Microphone [plug and play, no converter required]


Buy Online at JB Hifi Here 

The stand that comes stock is not ideal, so purchase a stand separately, see point 3. 

Mic used by Tommy Jackett

Audio Technica BP40 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Broadcast Mic w/ Clamp & Pouch


Buy Online at Store DJ Here

For the BP40 microphone you will need to purchase a converter as it’s not a plug and play style microphone. Here is what Tommy uses:

3. Microphone Stand:

Rode PSA1+ Plus Ultimate Boom Arm for Podcasters



Logitech Brio Webcam (4K Ultra HD Video)


5. Lighting:

Elgato Key Light Studio LED Panel


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