Episode 36: Podcasting Secrets with Tom Hunt

This episode is a bit meta: a podcast about podcasts!

I caught up with Tom Hunt, founder of Fame. Tom has essentially perfected the art of podcasting – and his winning format powers successful podcasts in almost every vertical.

If you think the podcast game is saturated – think again!

Tom’s view is that if you don’t have a podcast as part of your marketing, you don’t have a marketing plan.

He shares some jaw-dropping growth stats on the potential of podcasting for your business.

And together, we tease out the best ways to get started. The best ways to get an audience. And the best ways to get ahead!

Listen in as we peel the onion on how to build a successful podcast and what it will take to make it a hit!


The market for podcasts is BOOMING 💥 (3:10 – 5:51)

Podcasts attract new business like a magnet 🧲 (6:37 – 7:46)

How to produce a podcast efficiently 🦾 (8:00 – 9:49)

Get past podcast perfectionism! (9:49 – 10:50)

How to get more VIEWS 👀 (11:13 – 13:41)

Sneaky tips to promote your pod (13:41 – 21:28)

How to podcast like a PRO 🏆 (21:55 – 24:05)

How to establish yourself as a thought-leader using podcast 🧠 (24:46 – 26:58)

Use your podcast to drive ads 🍟 (26:58 – 30:07)

The sneakiest hack for your personal brand 🤫 (31:23 – 33:28)

Use podcast follows to drive your funnel (40:09 – 44:16)

Speed up conversions with podcast (48:04 – 49:45)

How to find the best podcast segments for social (49:46 – 53:00)

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