Episode 17: Secrets of Angel Investing with Jed Ng

This episode Jed Ng, the founder of Angel School and I dive into Angel Investing Syndicates.

Jed has a fascinating journey. He built Rakuten RapidAPI – the world’s largest API marketplace.

Then turned into an angel investor where he invested in a unicorn within his first 2 years.

He started an Angel Syndicate which has grown to 800+ investors.

Now he’s teaching other investors how to setup their own syndicates via Angel School. Revealing his secrets and empowering the next generation of investors.

Learn more about Angel School here:


Jed is a rigorous thinker and articulate speaker. You’ll gain a wealth of knowledge from this episode.

Here are the highlights:

What were you doing when you first came across angel investing as a thing? [1:28]

Why not build a company and turn it into a unicorn? Why invest? [3:25]

When you’re angel investing what kind of metrics are you looking at? [6:07]

How much analysis is done to assess that future growth? [9:02]

Why not invest into ETFs versus ANGEL syndication? [15:29]

How much effort is there to set up an angel syndication? [18:13]

What makes Angel school special? What does Jed teach at Angel School that’s different to available resources online? [24:09]

What’s the most difficult part of angel syndication? [26:56]

What is critical mass for an angel syndicate? [29:49]

How high is the risk versus the reward? Who is it for? [31:02]

In your course, do you reveal exactly how to build that network? Do you give away secrets that have worked for you? [36:13]

What is the biggest misconception of angel investing? [38:44]


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