Episode 11: Should The CEO be a Linkedin Influencer?

This week was special.

I brought in my sales and marketing leaders, Paul Niblett & Tharun Sonti to discuss should CEO’s be LinkedIn influencers?

As we build out the CEO Influencer product here at Are You B2B, these are questions we battle with constantly.

So I thought why not bring the conversation to the forefront?

Listen to the full conversation and gain perspective on:

  • Does it actually make sense to invest into the CEO brand or is there a better way a company can spend their money? – 1:04
  • Whether CEO influencer marketing works for everyone? Or does it only work for 80% of CEOs? – 10:35
  • Whether CEO influencer marketing should form part of a company’s marketing budget? If so, how much? – 11:01
  • When to grow from CEO influencer marketing to Executive influencer marketing? – 13:47
  • How much of a $1million marketing budget would you put into CEO influencer marketing? – 25:16
Happy Influencing.

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