Episode 14: The Art of Storytelling with Mridula Amin

This week, I got to interview someone very special to me, Mridula Amin.

Her work has been featured by The New York Times, National Geographic, ABC, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian (just to name a few). And she’s my little sister, Mridula Amin.

I wanted to bring her on to dissect *how you actually tell a story that gets picked up by such big media streams*, like the New York Times like National Geographic, you know, what is the crux of it?

Here is what we got into:

  • What’s the formula of crafting a great story?

  • How do you ensure your story really cuts through and get picked up?

  • What was your biggest learns when you worked in social media at ABC? [She drops some amazing tips here]

  • How can companies consistently produce QUALITY stories on social media? Quantity vs Quality.

  • Why influencer marketing on social media works? And how can B2B businesses use executive influencer marketing to WIN like Kylie Jenner?

  • What are BEST questions to ask, if you are trying to get craft a VIRAL story out? Or win a Walkley?

  • How CEO stories can be used to humanise brand & create connection? [*Beware, this strategy doesn’t always work, listen to find out why*]

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