Episode 12: The Future of Email Marketing with Andy Mowat

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Andy Mowat, CEO of Gated.

Gated is a free tool, which reduces the noise in your email by forcing unknown senders to donate to charity. In other words, it is here to disrupt email marketing BIG time.

In this episode I delve into:

  • Andy’s inspiration for creating Gated and product decisions made along the way.
  • His philosophy around email marketing
  • The parallels between email spam and unwanted Linkedin messages and connections
  • The dynamics of Linkedin content, connections, messaging
Key parts of the podcast you’ll love:
  • What was Andy’s journey that inspired him to create a product like Gated? [1:38]
  • What is Andy’s perspective on email marketing? Does he see a place within the marketing mix for emails? [13:17]
  • What do he think makes a unicorn? [7:10]
  • How does Gated actually end up making money? [17:39]
  • How do you become a non-profit organisation on Gated? [17:57]
  • Where does he see the place of influencer marketing and employee advocacy in the marketing mix? [35:25]

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