Episode 32: The Multiplier Mindset with Tracy Clark

This week, I spoke to Tracy Clark – the life-changing life-coach who unleashes the “multiplier mindset” onto the business world.

I was actually a little nervous about this podcast.

But I needn’t have been!

Within 30 minutes, Tracy calmly walked me through the steps of finding my higher self as an entrepreneur.

Her process is intuitive to follow, but packed with psychological and business insight. And that’s key to Tracy’s success:

Unlike most life coaches who offer advice to founders, Tracy has walked the talk. She founded a successful business long before moving into coaching.

Here’s the growth journey I took with Tracy:

How to shift your mindset (05:47 – 10:16)

Be the RIGHT kind of leader for YOUR business (14:37 – 18:40)

How to reduce staff turnover through leadership (18:41 – 21:30)

Do this to uncover your NEXT level goals (22:02 – 26:25)

How to visualise and start achieving your next-level goals (26:26 – 30:55)

Why you should unleash “multiplier effects” – and how to do it (30:56 – 34:15)

How a life coach recommends using fear (34:16 – 36:41)

The HEALTHY way to think about your own potential (36:41 – 41:47)

Why you won’t succeed without an “identity shift” (52:12 – 56:35)

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