Episode 10: The SECRET LinkedIn Lead Gen Weapon with David Chevalier

I had the privilege to sit down with David Chevalier, Co-Founder & CEO of Leadjet – One of my favourite LinkedIn tools of ALL-TIME.

For those that haven’t checked out Leadjet, it’s a secret weapon for sales teams who use linkedin for lead generation.

The tool helps you to extract information like name, job title, company, linkedin profile url and add it straight into your CRM in seconds. In just one click.

What I love about the tool is the user experience. You can do everything without leaving the linkedin platform.

Here are some of the highlights of our convo :

  • How did the Leadjet story start? [2:50]
  • What does the future hold for Leadjet? [18:40]
  • How often does Leadjet prioritize feature requests? [26:37]
  • Where is the future of data privacy going on platforms like LinkedIn [31:20]
  • Does David fear someone stealing Leadjet’s idea? [43:06]
  • What is the craziest idea for marketing David has had? [45:19]

Every salesperson & every marketing person needs to hear this inspiring and informative podcast with David. And download the tool!!!!

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