How To Improve LinkedIn Ad Conversions

This week we look at why your LinkedIn ads are failing and delve into landing page design.

So you are running ads…

You’re getting clicks.

But ZERO conversions.

The biggest reason ads fail is because of **weak landing pages**.

Here are some of the most common pitfalls 👇

1. Not articulating benefit clearly in your hero section.

The right one is better because:

It’s articulating the specific benefit of the product in simple language.

TIP: Talk directly to 1 key persona per landing page. That means you might need several landing pages for each different persona.

2. Using CTAs which are too salesy

The right one is better as it’s not selling, but guiding the user through a journey. Almost like a conversation.

3. Not including stats

Stats result in higher engagement, reducing bounce rate. Be specific as opposed to vague.

4. Not handling objectives

Often, as people are reading they are thinking of why this is not right for them.

They are debating with themselves. So you need to be handling objections in your copy.

Tip: Use FAQ sections to handle objections.

5. Not captivating the visitor with design

Now that we’ve got copy pitfalls out of the way – we look at design.

Leave plenty of space between your elements to help your copy and visuals pop.

Check out this great web page below from The Futur.

The copy pops.

The yellow button pops.

And the icing on the cake is an interactive video form.

It humanises their company + reduces friction on a form by making it interactive and fun.

Tip: Use VideoAsk to create something similar.

6. Not using meaningful creatives

We show our actual product so clients can actually see and feel the end value.

Tip: For product based businesses, include a GIF or video of product in action being used for different tasks. Show people what they are actually getting, removing uncertainty.

7. Gating content

We live in a time of information overload. Most of us don’t want to give our details any more in exchange for a resource.

We provide fake emails, personal emails (rather than business ones) to avoid being spammed.

Un-gate your content.

Instead use CTA’s within your ungated content to track engagement and intent.

If you add value then you build trust and your audience is likely to come back wondering what else you can do for them.

Here’s an eBook we ungated and also made more interactive to improve the experience.

In summary

1. Identify how 1 user gets value and include it in hero section (as shown above)

2. Use unique CTA [not the boring ‘book call’]

3. Include stats to reduce bounce rates

4. Handle objections via copy and FAQs

5. Captivate visitors with design

6. Use meaningful creatives which show what your end product does

7. Un-gate your content

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