You. Branded. Unstoppable.

I’m here to unleash the real you. 

You’re a visionary, a founder and a serial entrepreneur like me. 

Now it’s time to take yourself and your business to new heights.

Getting your personal brand right will set the base for huge success so you attract opportunities to speak on stage, partner with large brands and be an influence in your niche.

My iconic personal branding strategy has landed founders partnerships with Foxtel & Mercedes Benz, features in Forbes Magazine and Ted talks.

“Mel and her team are at the forefront of LinkedIn strategy, what works and how to execute!”
Håvard Lillebo
Serial Entrepreneur
Raised €20 million using LinkedIn
3 million content views in 12 months
40 investor meetings a month

If You Want to Be the Best,
You Need A Killer Personal Brand

Your brand isn’t just business; it’s personal. 

It’s your signature in a digital world.

Your brand is with you for every career move you make.

It showcases your journey, the skills in your arsenal, the values that drive you.

It’s the style of your image, the power in your voice, the work that fires you up.

It’s your stand-out-from-the-crowd, nobody-else-but-you, unmistakable mark.

When you show the world you’re a high-calibre human, you will…

Build trust and credibility

Create lasting connections

Land enterprise partnerships

Get invites for keynote speaker gigs

Be featured in business publications

When we co-create your brand, people will be so attracted they’ll offer you opportunities beyond your imagination, taking your business to the next level.

You already know thought leadership drives credibility and influence in your industry. 

And when you combine that with personal branding, you have the edge.

I help you define who you are online, create your persona, then create and distribute content that makes you a charismatic expert who people want to work with.

Hi, I'm Mel

I help serial entrepreneurs build their personal brand to create extraordinary possibilities. 

From experience, I know that 

Your personal brand should be bigger than your business. 

After ditching the corporate finance grind, I rerouted into marketing and started my personal branding agency, Are You B2B. 


Because, I saw what personal branding did for me. It gave me influence, a seat at the table, the stage at speaking events which turned into millions in revenue for my multiple businesses. 

So, I developed my own system to establish my personal brand in the online business world. I got from 0 – 7 figures in just under 2 years.  

And that’s how I became an expert in branding and LinkedIn growth, helping founders and serial entrepreneurs to get outstanding results. 

Now, I’m the go-to maven for personal branding, steering entrepreneurs to massive success. I’ve supported 50+ personal brands repositioning their messaging for success.

I’ve seen companies land $20 million+ in funding, attract top talent, feature on Forbes all through telling their story and sharing their thoughts. 

I started my podcast Innovative Minds where I interview the best minds around the world, who are influencers and have powerful personal brands.

Using this expertise, I get 3+ million post impressions a year, 250K on single posts, and 200-300 engagements per post on LinkedIn and speaker gigs at the biggest marketing events in Australia.

And on the side, I’m building a property empire in Bali. My personal brand spans and accelerates ventures. Yours could too.  

So, if you fancy going deeper into your personal branding journey, there’s a poolside spot with your name on it.

Remember, authenticity sells. 

Because, people buy from people they trust. It’s got to be all about you: your voice, your image and your values.

Nothing lights me up like seeing you, my client, win big with engagement, pitches, and deals.

Are you ready to be unforgettable? 

Let’s make some noise.

My LinkedIn Branding Strategy Turns Entrepreneurs Into High-Calibre, Credible Thought Leaders

I get you in front of your precise target market

My system connects you with your ideal prospects and grows your network - on autopilot.

My team creates scroll-stopping content

We position you as an industry thought leader with unique, thought-provoking content.

We flood your calendar with opportunities

Sit back, relax, and hear your notifications *ding* as your dream people reach out to you.

Madalena’s Personal Brand
Landed Her 3 Industry Giants.

“Mel and her team are not like a normal marketing agency. 

They go deep into your audience, pull out stories and content that goes viral.”

Director at Happiness Business School

Madalena Carey

Landed partnerships with Mercedes Benz, Foxtel and Zurich Insurance.

LinkedIn generated $25K revenue per post.

4000 new HR managers connected with her. 

What Now?

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