How To Turn Your Employees Into LinkedIn Influencers & Get More Leads

The Linkedin employee advocacy strategy (EAS) can unlock the true power of Linkedin for your business. Learn how.

If you’re creating personal content to boost your own corporate brand, you already know it’s a powerful growth strategy.

But the truth is, you’re only scratching the surface:

Smart CEOs are also turning their employees into influencers!


Because it’s a fast and powerful way to:

  • Gain more visibility
  • Land key strategic partnerships
  • Hire talent
  • Create leverage

Just imagine:

Multiplying your cut-through thought-leadership concept by 3x, 6x or even 20x – overnight!

Also bear in mind:

Each of them is unique, with remarkable, original thoughts.

Each of them can access a different ICP and a different Linkedin network – based on their personal and professional interests.

But how do you ensure they post regularly?

There’s a number of strategies I’ve seen my clients use:

Most CEO’s lead by example:

Posting thought leadership content regularly – which inspires their employees to do the same.

Another has started providing training to their employees to help boost confidence to post regularly.

My favourite:

An innovative SaaS company provides a bonus to whoever has the highest number of views for the month.

If you’re interested in bringin your team into your content stratey, provide them with a list of questions to structure and guide their thought leadership journey:

  1. Talk about a recent win
  2. Talk about a recent failure
  3. Share something you are working on
  4. Share a lesson you learned this week
  5. Share the best advice you’ve received
  6. Share the worst advice you’ve received
  7. Compare two different common thoughts
  8. Share something you believe that others don’t
  9. Summarize a podcast episode you listened to
  10. Share the top X lessons you’ve learned the last year
  11. Share the top X people you follow on social media
  12. Share the top X tools you use to do something
  13. Make a future prediction about your industry
  14. What’s something in your industry that everyone feels or knows but no one is talking about?

At the beginning, your thought leaders may post low quality content.

But remember: Good content requires experimentation and failure. That’s where the learning and innovation happens.

In the early days, praise your employees for posting content.

Remind them:

‘It doesn’t matter HOW you do it, it just matters THAT you do it because the amplification of having your team participate:

And bring prospects beyond the company page and CEO account:

Can literally 5x your potential.

Here is a BONUS RESOURCE which will help your team win:

50+ catchy Linkedin opening lines that went viral for us

Provide them with the above resources, to help them get started on their content game.

I promise you:

In 6 – 12 months’ to 1 time:

your brand will be way more visible than it is now.
You have a tribe of micro-influencers in your company.

Remember to leverage those who want to contribute to your brand.

If you’d like to discuss getting training for your teams or have us create thought leadership content for your leadership team Feel free to book in a call here.

Happy Influencing,

Mellonie Francis | CEO | Are You B2B |

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