How To Go Viral On LinkedIn In 2023

We deconstruct one of our viral LinkedIn posts that had 248,000 views and 900 engagements! Read on to learn how to make your content go viral on LinkedIn.

Takeways from a viral Linkedin post

A post we worked with a client on received over 248,000 views in 3 days. Initially it was a surprise for us, but we’ve repeatedly achieved results like this. What’s the secret?  

Our client went through a traumatic event in his life. When he opened up about his struggles in his newsfeed, people started connecting with him and the post went viral!

Over 900 new connections & conversations were made from this post alone!


Hyper-personal stories. Simple yet effective. It works!

Just start with these 3 simple steps:

1. A captivating first line

 “The diagnosis was clear. I would be dead by 30”

A headline which pulls you right into the story. INSTANTLY making you want to read on, all the while wondering what this could possibly be about.

2. An eye-catching image

An image like this may not seem like much but it shows a positive face while also sending a clear message. “I’m not beaten yet.”

Simple images like these connect with people. They can relate to it.

Vulnerability creates connection. When you show how you face hardship or difficulty, and how it transformed you; people engage with you with their own life stories.

3. An Authentic & inspiring message

Sure. LinkedIn is a professional online networking tool but always remember. People like hearing about other people’s struggles as it becomes relatable to them.

Your personal story can easily be entwined with your professional story as well. What a perfect place to connect with people and give them a summary of you!

But there needs to be an inspiring message to finish it off. Something to really connect with your reader. To leave them with a feeling of hope, and attachment.

It leaves your viewer thinking about you, and your story. Something you need to do.

The key takeaway

Tell a story, capture interest with a headline and catchy image, and don’t be afraid to share yourself.

If you’d like help with leveraging Linkedin to achieve similar results, get in touch with our team today.

We’ll show you how to leverage your personal and professional stories to boost your brand and visibility dramatically!

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