The One Thing That Will Dramatically Increase Your Linkedin ROI

Feeling stressed or worried about ROI? Let me help you change the way you’re thinking about it.

We see so many organisations obsess over ROI… 


And it’s a mistake you can make on Linkedin. 

Don’t get me wrong, a return on investment is obviously critical to any marketing effort, however obsessing over it can actually do more harm than good… 

It leads to the following failures:

  1. Organisational short term marketing tactics. Which creates pressure on marketing to deliver ROI in too short a time frame
  2. Your marketing and sales team are unable to experiment and be creative and authentic – which cripples their ability to learn, iterate and find what works
  3. A reduction in sales in the long term

So instead of thinking about ROI in the early stages of a relationship, to build trust we need to first reflect on… 

  • How we can add value to our clients?
  • What are the pain points we can help them solve?
  • What inspiring or insightful content can we serve them that makes a difference in their life and business?

Think of it like a tomato garden 🍅🍅

If you dig up the seed before it has a chance to take root, it’s never going to provide you with the delicious fruit you seek.

The same applies to Linkedin, and all social media platforms.

Instead of asking “what can I get from this?” 

Ask “what can I give first to my audience that solves their pain point?”

Here are examples of people/orgs focused on adding value first on Linkedin:

Zeb Evans, CEO @ ClickUp shares inspiring moments from his company and entrepreneurial journey which win over the hearts of customers, employees and investors.

Gartner consistently shares insightful posts on topics their audience is curious about. Positioning them as a must have source of information

Baba, CEO @Skael educates organisations on Hyper-automation and digital employees. Inspiring organisations to think differently about talent, our work regime.

When organisations do this.

Your prospective customers FEEL it.

Your marketing teams are creative and authentic. 

 Your target market connect with your message.

And before too long, you are handsomely rewarded…

By shorter conversion cycles and higher conversion rates. 

If you’d like help with creating a marketing strategy focused on educational and insightful content – you can book in a call with my team here.

We’re always looking to work with organisations with a similar marketing mindset to us. Around adding value first and thinking long term.


Mellonie Francis | CEO | Are You B2B

P.S Many of our clients will drop anywhere from $2000 to $5000 on taking their clients or prospects out to lunch without even thinking about it.

And for good reason.

Relationships are the key to business success, and we should invest in them.

What’s more, when having a coffee or lunch they will speak freely.

Yet when it comes to creating content, there are two mental barriers.

I’ll explain what they are in my next blog post.

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