Can You Repurpose LinkedIn Content to Youtube?

More importantly, can you repurpose and optimise your content for YouTube and TikTok? Here are an expert’s tips to help you understand YouTube.

I recently had Kan Huang, a friend of mine who is a GUN on YouTube on my podcast.

I was SUPER excited to understand from him how to win on YouTube as many of my clients including myself are producing videos on LinkedIn, but not thinking hard enough about how to monetise the video for YouTube.

So I sat down with Kan to learn how to get more out of YouTube, and stop using it as just a video repository.

Here is what I learnt (high level) 

  1. You can’t just go and post the same video you created for LinkedIn onto YouTube. It won’t work.
  2. YouTube is centred around their search and recommendation engine and we need to optimise for this. Whereas on LinkedIn we create content based on hop topics & conversations since it’s a social network.
  3. To create and optimise your content strategy for YouTube – use the tool Tubebuddy.
  4. You need to add great thumbnails when you post on YouTube, as YouTube reads the thumbnail intelligently and viewers are hooked by thumbnails that complement a video title. Note on LinkedIn thumbnails are not rewarded. In my opinion it’s better to avoid fancy video thumbnails on LinkedIn and simply choose a frame from the video.
  5. On YouTube you can’t add any header text on top of videos, like you might in LinkedIn. Instead the first 5-seconds in YouTube videos are like a header text, and it REALLY matters what you say in the first 5 seconds
  6. Consistency is king. You will need to post 100+ videos on YouTube to get any real traction and discover what resonates. Then your channel may take off exponentially. Look at your favourite Youtubers and see how long it took them to get 1000 subscribers versus 10,000 versus 100,000…

Kan goes into much more detail and gives a full framework for how you can truly position and win on YouTube. Listen to our full conversation here

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Well, how can I avoid talking about Tiktok. 

I mean it is YouTube’s child.

If I was to humanise YouTube, it would be a 42 year old at the peak of their musical career.

We know and love them. How much bigger can they get?

TikTok is that 25 year old artist, fresh on the music scene, working all night, and making headways.

We don’t know if they’ll last but there’s something exciting about them and they’ve got our attention.

So knowing it is a No-No to simply repost content to YouTube from LinkedIn.

It is even a BIGGER no-no, to go from LinkedIn to TikTok.

So here is the downlow on TikTok:

  • The organic reach is crazy, like how it was 2 years ago on LinkedIn
  • The attention span of the audience on this platform is super low. 
  • You have around 30 seconds to get your message across to consumers
  • For content creation, the best strategy is to write short 30 second scripts which will be entertaining or funny or catchy 
  • Shoot using your iPhone horizontal frame for TikTok and edit using Capcut on iPhone which has an amazing auto subtitle tool built in

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