20 Personal Branding Photos You Need For Your Content

What are the 20 Must Have Photos for Your Personal Brand? Are you showcasing your personality, expertise and standing out effectively? Read on!

While most people are going to be looking at your experience and expertise, people want to put a face to what your content is saying first. All while looking competent, professional, and trustworthy of course.

For us content marketers, everything needs to stand out. Remember what we’ve said before, it needs to be as hyper-personal as possible these days! People LOVE to connect with people, and they’ll especially love to connect with you if they know what you look like too.

And the way we do that, by placing images of yourself inside of posts created.

Your audience will be able to feel more connected to you if they see you!

Posting a Selfie with LinkedIn content delivers 2.5x more reach & 3x more engagement.

Yes, that means that even if you don’t like it, you’re going to need to have your photo taken. Don’t worry, you’re going to be fine!

In order to create hyper-personal content, we need some hyper-personal shots from our CEOs.

Here is a list of the shots we would love to grab from you.

1st pose: Sit & Smile 

Here is the easiest one. Just look at the camera and smile! Yes, it’s really that simple. It’s a great asset for creating covers for carousels or thumbnails, plus who doesn’t like a smile!

2: Now wink 

Have some secret tips that can be a game-changer for your audience? 

Then a great winking picture is the way to go! Show your cheeky side, it’ll be great for e-books, posts, and carousels!

3: Can we get a fun or silly pose that represents you

Showing your personality is never too much! It connects you with your audience and creates a “bond” with them.

Consequently making you a reference on your niche. People love funny faces too!

4: Act surprised, Just do it 

Wow wow wow! That’s what this photo should be showing.

Photos like these can be used for multiple ideas. From shock to a “What???” factor. This type of image can be used for so many things!

5: Close up of Face

Show your personality and approachability with a close up of your face. This type of photo can be used as a thumbnail or profile picture to create a personal connection with your audience.

Additionally, it can be used to showcase your emotions, expressions and feelings.

6: Hand on face picture

Every thumbnail should be captivating and make people want to click on more! Hands on your face is a proven method to show yourself being you, relatable, and most importantly. Approachable.

7: Smile & point up 

The pointing-up picture can be a great asset to highlight a point that we are trying to make in your posts or carousels. It can bring the audience’s attention to something specific you want to show, or even a great tip!

8: Hands pointing to the left and right

Same with pointing in either direction. This is great for posts where you want to direct attention to a statistic.

9: Give us a Thumbs up

Want to reassure your audience that everything is okay? Of course, you do!

That’s why a quick photo of you giving the thumbs up can do wonders. It shows a lot of care for what you think, and you’re reassuring them that if they take your advice, they’ll be ok.

10: I don't know picture (shrugging or hand up like I don't know)

Just like the thinking picture, the “I don’t know” will put you in your viewer’s shoes. A simple strong CTA pose is a great way to create videos or carousels that answer a question that’s been around for a long time.

Or even something new you’ve discovered.

11: Full body Pic, leaning in 

A simple super friendly picture to show yourself with a nice clean background can really boost your engagement.

You’re leaning forward shows that you’re listening to their problems and that you care about them. Great for posts in the newsfeed and carousels.

12: What I’m reading picture

Pick any good size book, the cover doesn’t need to be that important. We can replace the book with graphic design to show what you want to talk about.

Even if you haven’t got a great idea yet to use, we can always find a way to use this image for you.

13: A standing picture, leaning back

A nice easy relaxed stance can show that you’re not always just a serious person. Maybe even maybe a little sassy on top of it! 

The point of the photo is to show a bit of character, and show you relaxed. 

14: Standing against a desk

Show your professional side with a photo of you standing confidently against a desk. This is great for demonstrating your leadership and authority in your industry.

15: Arms crossed and standing

This pose can be used to convey a sense of confidence and assertiveness. It’s perfect for showcasing your expertise and knowledge in a particular subject.

16: Sitting and looking away (casual)

This type of shot can be used to show a more relaxed and approachable side of you. It’s perfect for creating a more personal connection with your audience.

17: Sitting at a desk, smiling

Show your dedication and hard work with a photo of you sitting at your desk, smiling. This is great for demonstrating that you’re always on top of things and getting things done.

18: Deep thinking with below 3-4 shots, Thinking about an issue you care about, with biting finger on mouth thinking, Humanitarian causes.

Show your intelligence, empathy and critical thinking skills with this series of shots. This type of photo can be used to demonstrate your understanding of important issues, and your commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

19: Standing up, leaning back on a wall 

Show your professional and serious side with a photo of you standing up, leaning back on a wall with a serious expression.

Demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in a particular subject or convey a sense of authority and leadership.

20: Lifestyle shots which happen naturally, Sitting and pondering 

This type of shot can be used to show a more natural and authentic side of you. It’s perfect for creating a more relatable and personal connection with your audience.

So, Are you Ready to Have Your Photos Taken?

LinkedIn is such a unique platform for networking prospective clients and of course, colleagues.

Trust us, these photos work.

Organise a meeting with us and we can take care of all your photos/videos on one day with our world class photographers.

Yes, seriously. One day for a couple of hours.

We know your time is important, and to get the best out of your LinkedIn, you need the best to help you!

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