Why CEOs Should Invest in Linkedin Personal Branding?

We discuss the top reasons CEOs should invest in Personal Branding

☑️ When CEOs post a on LinkedIn, they get 24x more views, 8x more engagement than company page posts.

Gary V for example has 30x more followers on his personal profile than his VaynerMedia company which has 1,200+ employees!

☑️ LinkedIn’s algorithm favours personal profile posts because they want company pages to pay for ads to get their reach.

☑️ Statistically when CEOs & sales leaders posts highly valuable content on LinkedIn, it leads to company page followers increasing by 700%. Because people like to get introduced to company brands via people. 

☑️ We have also discovered that when CEOs build their personal brand on LinkedIn, it results in 7x more sales conversions

☑️ CEO brand also increases employee retention and attracts more top talent to a company making the scale up process much smoother & faster.

☑️ Finally by CEOs becoming online thought leaders, we have seen funding cycles reduce from 12 months to 3 weeks because top quality content builds trust & credibility with the investors and networks. 

Caveat: you still need a great product or service, which solves a real pain point.

For example I love Zeb Evans, CEO of ClickUp.

His personal brand introduced and warmed me to ClickUp.

However, when seriously considering moving from Asana to ClickUp, the company has to show me why the move is worth it.

Influencer marketing has to be used in combination with product marketing.

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