23 LinkedIn Tips To Boost Your Organic Content and Ads

To help you become a pro at LinkedIn content and paid ads - we've compiled a list of our TOP 23 LinkedIn tips and strategies for 2023!

Here are our TOP LinkedIn tips and strategies for 2023.

Use these to 10x your LinkedIn Organic content and ads.

1: You can customize how your website link appears on your profile.

Take advantage and entice people to click.

2: You can insert CTA buttons on image or video posts.

I tested it out recently and drove 117 clicks to join my secret community page.

3: Selfies are delivering 2.5x more reach and 3x more engagement.

Tip: If you use the selfie tactic, add something valuable when you post or provide an incredible offer. Let’s not turn LinkedIn into Facebook.

4: If you stick around after publishing and engage with the first 3 comments it will increase your reach by +20%.

5: Captioned videos get 35% more reach than un-captioned videos on LinkedIn.

When you’re scrolling through LinkedIn on your phone – a captioned video makes it easier to follow along without sound.

6: Ideal times to post on LinkedIn are 10am (Mon - Thu) and 1pm (Fri - Sun).

When you post matters – you want your audience to be on LinkedIn and receptive!

7: Use Surfe (previously Leadjet) to transfer data easily from LinkedIn to Hubspot.

Sync your new connections and Linkedin conversations to your CRM in one click. The interface is overlaid on Linkedin in the browser.

Surfe pulls their email from LinkedIn and integrates with Hunter.io and other email finding tools so you can find their business email before adding them to the CRM.

8: I can save you $1,000 a year on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Sorry, this can’t be shared openly.

If you want to know this secret, you will need to Join My Secret LinkedIn Community.

9: Comment from your company page

Managing a company page and want to be more active in your ecosystem?

You can comment as your company page on social posts!

Thoughtful comments can help humanise your brand and generate page views and followers from curious readers.

10: Repost without any thoughts

Sometimes you might be out of ideas for LinkedIn posts.

See a great post – why not share it to your wall?

Linkedin’s Share button has a “Repost” option to share content directly to your LinkedIn Wall.

11: Sales Navigator New Spotlights 

Companies hiring on LinkedIn can be a useful intent signal.

Whether you’re looking for a job or looking to sell to a company who is hiring.

The days of scraping who’s hiring on LinkedIn are over.

Check out Sales Navigator’s Account level search functionality.

Enabling you to target companies who are “Hiring on LinkedIn”.

Other useful intent signals include changes in senior leadership or funding events. Only available in the account level search on Sales Navigator!

12: LinkedIn Ads Rotation 

Take a look at the gear ⚙️ below within the LinkedIn Ad campaign manager.

At first glance it looks like an image with no purpose. But it’s actually a button!

Talk about poor UI.

Clicking it allows you to toggle between rotating ads and spending for a campaign evenly or by performance.

At the beginning of a campaign you want to rotate ads evenly so they each get a fair chance.

Later once you know which ads are high performers you can pause the others or rotate by performance. Which preferences your best ads.

13: 300 Audience size minimum on retargeting Ads 

LinkedIn prohibits you from launching any retargeting ad campaign unless you have at least 300 people in the audience.

To paint that picture for you, let’s say your campaign averages a $10 CPC, you’d need to spend at least $3k to get the 300 people you’d need for the next stage.

It’s crucial you get the LinkedIn pixel added to your website, so you can collect the 300 people from website visitors.

You can also retarget anyone who viewed your LinkedIn company page.

Don’t expect to launch retargeting immediately!

14: Focused Inbox

We complained. Linkedin heard it. 

If you were feeling bombarded by messages on LinkedIn, cut through the noise with the upcoming Focused Inbox LinkedIn is rolling out.

Currently in beta stage at the moment, but to be launched to everyone soon! 

This will cut out all that NOISE and help us focus on ideal customer profile messages!! Woot Woot 👇🏻

I hope this helps you gain an unfair advantage when you’re using LinkedIn.

15: Devise a Strategy

Be clear on your target audience

– Job Title

– Location

– Size of organisation

What topics could you provide expert advice on which would be valuable to your target audience?

16: Select a media format which will help you communicate your value:

– Video
– Illustration
– Carousel
– Text posts
– Newsletters

What’s the best format for you? Think about:

  • How will your message be best served?

  • What are the time and budget constraints?

  • What resources and inputs are needed to produce content regularly in this format?

  • What does your audience consume and engage with? Videos? Text posts? Articles and newsletters?

  • Your personality. What do you enjoy? Are you suited to being a video personality?

  • How complex and in depth is the content? Does it need a longer format like an article or infographic/illustrations to explain concepts? 👇

17: Choose your brand colours and add your own unique style or design

If you want to be recognisable on the feed + build your brand you need to stand out.

I am inspired by Shiv Narayanan who only does simple, hand drawn image posts.

Yet conveys so much valuable information in his posts.

18: To win at  ORGANIC content start with a catchy opening line

The secret to doing well in organic is the first 3 lines and your last 3 lines.

First line, write something which grabs attention. Which evokes emotion.

We like to keep it 4-5 words max.

“I had to share this”

“Don’t read this” 

After the first 3 lines, LinkedIn hides the rest of the text behind a “See More” button.

Your aim is to get readers to press the ‘See More’ button.

This is an important signal to LinkedIn that your post is valuable.

If your readers are spending a lot of time clicking and reading your post then LinkedIn will show your post to more viewers on their feed.

19: To help you start writing Organic posts here is a resource: 

Use it as inspiration to write catchy opening lines so you can WIN using organic social media. 

20: Use 3 - 5 hashtags on each LinkedIn post to boost views

According to the LinkedIn Algorithm report, including 3 – 5 hashtags in a post is optimal and will get you a 22% boost in post views from LinkedIn.

You will also start to see more posts with that hashtag as you use it.

However, don’t just put ANY old Hashtag in. 

It’s super annoying when you see people hashtag #cat #dog #mum. Don’t do that. This isn’t Instagram.

There are only a handful of LinkedIn hashtags which have sufficient followers.

For example #artificialintelligence has over 2,000,000 LinkedIn followers! So this is a relevant hashtag to include, if you’re posting organic content about AI. 

So before you hashtag away, research how many followers the hashtag has. And if it has substantial following or is a very niche topic that you are an expert in, you can go ahead and include it.

21: Researching hashtags is a great way to see posts in your industry and find people and companies to follow and connect with.

Here are some top LinkedIn hashtags we use and follow.

See if you can add any of these into your next piece of content to maximise viewership.

#Innovation                    38,677,574 followers

#Technology                  26,352,015 followers

#data                               6,128,617 followers

#Artificialintelligence   2,424,549 followers

#Entrepreneurship       22,650,622 followers

#Strategy                       5,064,697 followers

#startups                       21,172,131 followers

#venturecapital           19,249,715 followers

#investing                     14,360,105 followers

Tip: You can create your own personal hashtag to use with all your posts. Which allows you (and followers) to quickly find all your posts in future.

22: Incorporate a Call To Action (CTA):

Once someone has read all the way to the end of your content, what’s the next natural step for them? Is there anywhere for them to go? That’s what CTA’s are for.

I recommend having soft call to actions, for example “get more insights by subscribing to my weekly, no spam no fluff newsletter”.

Then think about how often you want to use a CTA? Do you want a call to action on every single post (which feels very salesy) or is it every 3-4 posts? I recommend the latter.

Remember a lot of people aren’t ready to book a call, so a CTA strategy that says “book a call now” usually fails. It’s too intimidating.

A quality CTA attached to your content adds value and feels natural – e.g. “check out my podcast”.

This is how you win at organic social media.

Here are great examples we’ve seen:


Like this post?

Hit the [🔔] on my profile

➕ Follow me if you want to be notified about my next post  


Want to unlock the power of LinkedIn? Subscribe to my newsletter


Here’s one from our friend Jed, the founder of Angel School:

Looking to learn more about angel syndications & #venturecapital, check out my upcoming course here 👇🏻



Tip: If you are driving traffic to a link in your CTA, use UTM parameters or Bit.ly to track how many clicks your social post received. This will help with attribution and ROI tracking.

23: Tag connections in posts and comments. Make sure they don’t miss it:

Thought you might find this relevant @John…

How simple is that?

If you think certain people in your connections would love to read your content or get value out of it – why wouldn’t you let them know?

This includes but isn’t limited to:

  • New connections

  • Someone you had a call with + any sales deals in progress

  • Past/Current customers and partners

  • Potential customers

A word of warning.


You don’t want to pester every single connection, every single time you post.

It’ll just become a turn-off. You know you wouldn’t like it either, so make sure to mix it up a bit.

Linkedin penalises tags. So I recommend if you wish to tag, do it a few hours after posting or 1 – 2 days later, once the post has had its time on the newsfeed.

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