How To Win At B2B Outbound Sales In 2023

Old school Outbound sales strategies are dead. Do you purchase from salesy emails or inbox messages? Here's why Social Selling is the future of B2B Sales

Does your sales process look something like this:

  • Call
  • Follow up with an email
  • Call again
  • Follow up again with an email


Modern Sales Strategies have evolved into Social Selling.

Building relationships through social media like so 👇

  • Publish engaging content
  • Publish some more content
  • Build Credibility
  • Comment on their content.
  • Ask them interesting questions via DM
  • Tag them in valuable content posts
  • Send them a Gift (something thoughtful)
  • Become Friends over 12 months
  • Then, give them a call
  • Send an email

If you do this: YOU’RE ON A PATH TO GROWTH! ✅ 

The whole new social selling playbook is around 3 C’s: 




Content is the most important piece of that puzzle.

Without strong “engaging” content, you have NO CHANCE of getting the consistency as you progress toward your growth targets. 

Do you have high quality engaging content pieces?

Do you have sticky content which people want to be tagged in?

Does that content position you as AN expert in your vertical? 

Does it compel people to want to appear in a podcast with you?

If it doesn’t, you need to get up to speed – FAST!

Sales in 2023 is Person-to-Person.

People want to connect with people – BEFORE they connect with your product or service.

As I’ve said before, in perfect harmony with the best Linkedin minds:

The job of a CEO and Sales Directors in 2023 is “building human connection”.

And I know what you’re thinking – because so many have said it to me before:

“I don’t have time”.


You’re not prioritising it! It takes a mindset shift.

As Chris Walker has mentioned on our podcast.

Content doesn’t require hours of sitting in front of a Google doc, typing out stories for your audience to consume.

Nor does it require you to learn Canva.

It’s a collaborative effort: Between you and your content team, or…


your content agency!

What are you waiting for? 

Your ONLY regret will be not doing it sooner!

Peace, love and MODERN SALES.

P.S. would you like to learn more about our Social Selling Strategies that bring our customers a minimum of 200 leads a year?

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