How To Produce 20x More Content To Become A Top Personal Brand In 2023

How do you speed up the production of quality content? Here's the content system I use for my own personal brand. Broken down step by step!

I get asked THIS ALOT:

“How do you push out SO much content daily?”

Every time someone asks me this question I smile – because it reminds me of the journey I’ve been on myself over the last 3 years:

When I first started, I found myself asking exactly the same question about other influencers.

I looked at influencers like Gary Vee and started researching how he produced SO much content.

Someone credible told me, he had a team of 30 staff and was spending $1 million per month on it.

Which was kind of demoralising. 

I thought I could never achieve that with a small team. 

Thankfully there, it’s not actually true:

I’ve since discovered:

It’s not about spending millions – it’s about creating a CONTENT SYSTEM and HAVING A BRILLIANT LITTLE TEAM to support you.

But even that’s getting ahead of the game: 

You need to start smaller.

First get into the rhythm of just publishing just 1 piece of high quality content per week – #babysteps!

That’s how I start all my clients’ content journeys, btw.

And you’d be surprised how steep the learning curve can be!

Then – and ONLY then – where they are consistently delivering on that goal – should you focus on MORE VOLUME.

The good news is: it’s very easy to scale out to daily postings or even more, once you’re in the habit of doing 1 high quality post a week.

Because that 1 post teaches you the mental habits you need to post consistently – and it gives you plenty of opportunity to iron out the bugs in your own process.

Here’s my content production system – broken down step by step:

Step 1:  A content strategist extracts and marks all snackable, high-impact pieces from my podcast   

Step 2:  My video editor picks up all the pieces and edits. Ensuring to follow a format liked by LinkedIn

Step 3:  My copywriter then adds captions, hashtags & CTAs to accompany the snackable video edits + repurposes 1 video edit to email

Step 4:  My EA reviews all the work – to ensure video & copy meet our SOP

Step 5:  I spend 30-40 minutes each Friday reviewing 5-7 content pieces and schedule distribution dates as per my liking 

Step 6:  My VA posts the finished pieces to LinkedIn at 10am Australian time each day

Step 7:  I interact and engage with my community [10 minutes a day] 

For the 3 hours I spend – my team spend 3x this behind the scenes to enable all this to happen.

We all do what we’re best at and together create content that engages, educates and grows our business.

Would you like to speed up the production of quality content using MY team and MY process?

My content system has evolved and keeps evolving:

Previously, I would shoot a whole month’s worth of content over a few hours, and then a team of editors would edit those clips. 

Which provided content for the next 4 – 6 weeks.

I’d start the same cycle next month, and always be 6 weeks in advance.

Convenient, sure:

But I was missing out on capturing a lot of key insights between shoots – both discoveries and trends would be missed, as too much time would pass by from shoot 1 to shoot 2.

What is on your customers’ minds TODAY? What is the algorithm preferring now?

A lot can happen within a month.

Timely content = relevant and relevance wins. 

So now:

My team has pushed me into a rhythm of shooting more regularly.

I now record 2 podcasts a week – and will soon introduce a Q+A live sessions weekly! To bring us even closer to our customers.

And from each of these appearances, I can gain both customer insights and 5-7 pieces of highly engaging content.

The best part → I spend around 3 hours a week to get 20 pieces of content. So volume is not hard. The hard part for me is selecting the best parts and culling the rest. 

But again, that’s leveraging all the great work of a Strategist, Video Editor, Copywriter, Marketing Assistant and Virtual Assistant.

Again, without the team, I simply couldn’t achieve the volume I do. 

But WITH them: I’m basically superwoman 💅

So if you want to post daily, get a TEAM behind you. 

It’s a full time job otherwise.

Just to address the elephant in the room:

You could always access MY Team and MY Process at 80% less cost 🤷


That’s not a number I pulled from thin air – that’s an actual cost comparison one of my clients laid out for me, compared with producing in-house:

It’s basic economics really – we can produce at-scale, we have all the tech and processes for a really well-oiled machine.

I also discovered early on:

GOOD copywriters and GOOD video editors are VERY hard to come by (but now I have them).

It’s taken me 4+ years to build a strong content system and a brilliant team – and I wouldn’t recommend starting from scratch unless you want to go through the pain of hiring & training #creatives (it’s hard work).

You see, creatives are the hardest employees to manage.

They need freedom.

Some only work 2 hours a day, and you need to let that be. Because creativity does not flow 8 hours solid a day. 

So building your own creative team is not for everyone.


If you REALLY want to go it alone and build your own team, I can only applaud your courage.

But at least hire your talent through someone who WON’T rip you off: 

I can recommend RemoteStaff.


Let us turn you into a personal brand that stands out from your competitors.

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